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Accessing Pfeiffer Library

Tutorials on how to log into your online accounts at Tiffin University and Pfeiffer Library

Accessing DragonQuest


Accessing DragonQuest on Campus

To search for materials with DragonQuest on campus, all you have to do is click on the database link in our A-Z list or use the DragonQuest toolbar on the library homepage.  The only times you will need to sign in with your credentials are:

  • When you are requesting a physical item from the database through OhioLINK:  The credentials you will need for this are your name and the digits of your student ID number, followed by "TUP."
  • When you are saving sources to your My EBSCOhost account.  You do not need a My EBSCOhost account to view items off campus, only if you want to save sources for future use.   You must create a My EBSCOhost account to use this function, as it is not created for you.  Instructions for creating a new My EBSCOhost account are located here.


Accessing DragonQuest off Campus

If you are trying to access DragonQuest or another EBSCOhost database off campus, you will need to verify your student status.  Your credentials are the same on this platform as your Moodle and Self-Service credentials.


DragonQuest Off-Campus Access Login Screen (Mobile Version)

off campus login screen


Once you verify your student status, you can log into your My EBSCOhost account as normal to manage your research materials.

My EBSCOhost Account

A My EBSCOhost account is a personalized account that allows you to manage research materials that you find in EBSCOhost databases.  This account remains the same across all of the library's EBSCOhost databases (not just DragonQuest).  You can identify whether a database in our A-Z list is provided by EBSCOhost by looking at "Alternative Name(s) & Keywords" under the database title.  If it has "EBSCO" as a keyword, then you can use your My EBSCOhost account with that database.  Your account does not need to be connected to your university email address.  To sign into your My EBSCOhost account, click "sign in" on the green toolbar when browsing any EBSCOhost database.  You must click on the database to access the sign in icon.  Instructions for creating a new My EBSCOhost account are located here.


My EBSCOhost Account Sign In Screen

ebsco account login screen


For more information on My EBSCOhost accounts, view our DragonQuest Tutorial below.  It is important to note that the library cannot access your My EBSCOhost account.  Your username and password are created upon account creation.  In the event that you forget your username and password, you will need to use the "forgot password" service on the database website.

Accessibility Options

Have you found a potentially great resource that happens to be in a language you don't know? DragonQuest now offers a translation feature for HTML full-text resources!

How can you tell if the resource you've found can be translated within DragonQuest? First, look for this symbol in the left-hand column of your screen:

Next, click on "Translate" from the toolbar in the far right column of your screen:

Lastly, choose the language you'd like the article to be translated into from the dropdown menu. Voila! DragonQuest will now process the original text, rendering a machine-generated translation. Keep in mind, however, that machine-generated translations like this are ~82.5% accurate.