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Accessing Pfeiffer Library

Tutorials on how to log into your online accounts at Tiffin University and Pfeiffer Library

Step-by-Step Booking Process

Step 1:

  1. Navigate to Scroll to the middle of the page – on the right hand side you will see “Campus Library Hours” in white text in a green box. Click on the “Reserve a Room” link below the building hours.

Step 2:  

Scroll to the bottom of the “Reserve a Room” page. You will see in bold the following text:  “Need to know what’s available today? View today’s reservations…” Click on the hyperlink at the end of that text.

Step 3:  

You will now see a schedule of today’s bookings. Any time slot listed in green is available; simply click on the block of time when you want your booking to start in the row corresponding to the room that you would like to reserve.

Step 4:  

Next, click on the dropdown menu displaying today’s date and an end time. Choose when you would like your reservation to end here, then click “Submit Times” below!

Step 5:  

You will now see the “Booking Details” page. Please fill out the name and email address of the person booking the room, then click “Submit my Booking” below.

Step 6:  

Finally, you will see a “Booking Confirmed” message along with the details of your reservation. A confirmation email and reminder will automatically be sent to the email address listed in step 5. And voila! Your booking is complete!