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Accessing Pfeiffer Library

Tutorials on how to log into your online accounts at Tiffin University and Pfeiffer Library

About This Guide

To be successful at Tiffin University, you must understand the differences between your online accounts.  It can be confusing when there are several accounts you may create to request materials and access databases.  This guide is meant to explain the differences between the different accounts and what credentials you need to access them.

This guide contains the following:

  • Login Options at Pfeiffer Library
    General information for signing in to the library from an off-campus connection.

  • OhioLINK
    Information for those signing in directly through OhioLINK and not through TU's proxy.

  • DragonQuest
    How to access DragonQuest and your My EBSCOhost account on and off campus.

  • Individual Database Accounts
    Explains the different usernames and passwords for individual databases in our A-Z list.

  • Password Help
    Extra assistance for retrieving forgotten usernames and passwords.

  • Troubleshooting Login Issues
    Tips you can try before contacting the library if you are experiencing access problems.

  • Help
    General help contact information for the library.


Username and Password Templates

For quick reference, here is a list of formulas for the usernames and passwords you may need to access different parts of the library:

  • MyTU
    • Username: Everything before the "@" symbol in your Tiffin University email address.
    • Password: Created on your own.
  • Email (Gmail)
    • Username: [LASTNAME][FIRSTINITIAL][MIDDLEINITIAL] (some email addresses may vary from this template).
    • Password: Created on your own.
  • Self-Service
    • Username: Everything before the "@" symbol in your Tiffin University email address.
    • Password: Same as your university email address.
  • My Classes (Moodle)
    • Username: Everything before the "@" symbol in your Tiffin University email address.
    • Password: Same as your university email password or created on your own (if changed within Moodle).
  • Library Account (to renew library books)
    • Username: Your last name.
    • Password: The numbers of your university ID followed by "TUP."  For those who have a university ID card, the numbers will also be on the back of the card.  Online students may not be issued an ID card.  If you do not know your university ID number, you can email the library at
    • You can also check your library account here.
  • Requesting Books Through OPAL, SearchOhio, and OhioLINK
    • Credentials: Your first and last name and your library barcode number. Note this can vary in each database.
  • OhioLINK Resources (Off Campus)
    • Username: Your first and last name.
    • Password: Your student ID numbers (just the numbers) followed by TUP (Example: 000123456TUP)
  • DragonQuest and EBSCOhost Databases (My EBSCOhost account)
    • Username: Created upon account creation.
    • Password: Created upon account creation.  For instructions on signing into your My EBSCOhost account, click here to view our guide.  This includes DragonQuest as well, so it is all connected.
  • DragonQuest and databases accessed through Pfeiffer Library's A-Z list (Off-campus)
    • Username: Everything before the "@" symbol in your Tiffin University email address.
    • Password: Matches the password you use for Moodle.

Off-Site Access

When attempting to access Pfeiffer Library and/or its sources while off campus, you must use the resource and database links directly on our website!  This includes databases in our A-Z list.  Do NOT try and access the sources or databases through a Google search, especially if you are using OhioLINK's sources.  Using our links verifies your status as a student at the university, so it is the only sure way to access all of our sources.