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DragonQuest Tutorial

Tutorial for searching DragonQuest, the library's online catalog and Discovery Service

Locating DragonQuest

DragonQuest can be located in any Find Library Resources box throughout the library's web site.

You can also enter DragonQuest to conduct a search by following the DragonQuest link in this tutorial:

Using the Resource Tabs

The “Find Library Resources” box contains five different tabs which allow you to change your search based on the specific type of resource you need. The following image shows the full “Find Library Resources” box on the library’s website:

This image displays the Find Library Resources box with the option to search DragonQuest selected.

The five tab options are:

  • DragonQuest- Searches most of the library's collection, with a few exceptions.
  • Articles- Searches articles in one of our largest databases, Academic Search Complete.
  • Books- Searches the OhioLINK catalog for print books.
  • Journals- Searches the journals collection by title.
  • Research Guides- Lists the in-house guides and tutorials created by librarians.

Search Types

The “Find Library Resources” block includes several search options which can help you determine the scope of the materials you find on the DragonQuest tab. The following image shows these options as they appear below the DragonQuest search box on a computer screen:

image shows search features as radial buttons beneath the dragonquest search box- keyword, title, and author

These options are:

  • Keyword- Searches every searchable field for your terms, whether it is part of the author, title, abstract, or subject fields
  • Title- Searches the title field only
  • Author- Searches the author field only

Using the A to Z List of Databases

DragonQuest is composed of hundreds of individual databases on a variety of subjects. Some databases are discipline-specific, while others contain a large selection of different topics from a variety of disciplines. View our full A to Z Databases list to see the full collection of databases.

Different databases have a variety of features and layouts. We recommend that you browse through our selection of Database Tutorials if you need assistance navigating a specific database.

Signing in Off-Site

Off-site users must sign in before accessing DragonQuest. Sign-in credentials are the same information you use to access other University services, such as Moodle.

Once signed in, you are authorized to access our resources until either you are timed out by your browser (roughly 30 minutes to 1 hour of inactivity) or you close out of your browser window. If your session times out, you can sign back in as many times as needed.

If you have difficulty signing in, we recommend viewing our Off-Campus Access page for further information.