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DragonQuest Tutorial

Tutorial for searching DragonQuest, the library's online catalog and Discovery Service

Sharing Search Results

Sharing/Saving from the Search Results screen

You can share or save lists of search results using the “Share” dropdown option on your list of DragonQuest search results.

You can also share through a social media account using numerous options listed within this dropdown menu.*

Sharing from the Tools menu

Social media and permalink/persistent link sharing are available within the Tools menu as you view an item within the collection.

*Librarian Tip: Sharing does not necessarily mean that those who can view your social media account can access full text of a resource. Users will still have to sign in using their DragonQuest credentials to access the material, so they must be members of the TU community to fully gain access to the resource.

Online instructors may also be interested in our guide covering persistent links.

Adjusting Page View Settings

You have several options available to adjust your search results screen to make it easier to sift through resources. You can sort based on relevance or date, as shown in the following image:

image shows toggle options to view by date newest, relevance, or date oldest

You can also adjust the full page view on the “Page Options” dropdown menu, as shown in the following image:

image shows options available in the page options dropdown, including standard, brief, title only, and detailed display


Page Options must be changed each time you enter DragonQuest. They are not saved for you once you close out of your browser screen.

Using Google Drive

You can save an individual item to your Google Drive by using the Google Drive option located on the Tools menu. Also make sure that...

  1. Your browser is set to allow pop-ups.
  2. You are signed into your university email account.


If you are unsure how to access Google Drive when signed in to your university Gmail account, we recommend that you view the following tutorial from Google Support:

Citation Guidance

Clicking the Cite icon on the Tools menu will pull up citations of a specific resource in various citation styles. You can highlight/copy/paste the citation into your document.*

The following image shows the Cite option expanded with the focus on the citation in APA style:

image shows the citation format feature, which appears above the article being cited and includes a scrolling bar to move through various citation style options.


*Librarian Tip: Citation accuracy is not guaranteed in this feature. Always compare with your course style guide or consult your instructor.