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DragonQuest Tutorial

Tutorial for searching DragonQuest, the library's online catalog and Discovery Service

Viewing Search Results

DragonQuest contains a customized toolbar which houses many features that allow you to customize your library experience. On a computer screen, this toolbar is visible at the top of the screen. This toolbar is shown in the following image: 

image shows various options available to users when selecting options in the horizontal toolbar

Options include:

  • Pfeiffer Library- Return to the home page.
  • Ask A Librarian- Sends you to our contact page.
  • Research Guides- List of all in-house guides and tutorials created by our librarians
  • Publications- Search for a journal by title or ISSN
  • New Search- Start over (removes old settings)
  • Sign in and Folder- Involve My EBSCOhost account creation
  • Preferences- Adjusts page layout
  • Language- Change from default English
  • Help- Tutorials created by our vendor

Advanced search boxes are available at the top of the search results screen, as shown in the following image:

image shows three search boxes within the advanced search setting which can be used together to narrow or expand search criteria


The Refine Results area allows you to limit your search results in various ways. The following image shows the Refine Results and Search Results list:

image shows refine results options as well as a horizontal list of search results


Additional resources are available by clicking the bump out arrows on the right of the computer screen. This menu provides access to multimedia resources and library chat.

Accessing Articles and E-Books

There are several options to access items in the digital collection.* Options include:

  • PDF Full Text – Scanned documents, often requiring Adobe Acrobat to view.
  • HTML Full Text - Typed directly onto the screen.
  • OhioLINK EJC – Requires an extra click to get to the PDF of a resource.
  • Full Text Finder – May still be available, but through a different resource not inside DragonQuest or via a publisher's website
  • “Online Access” or “Connect to…” links – May provide access to full text materials, and are worth trying

* Librarian Tip: Use "Result List" to return to your list of search results after viewing an item. Your browser's "Back" button may cause you to lose your place!

Using the Tools Menu

Access the Tools menu by clicking on the title of an item in your search results list. The following image shows the tools menu on the right side of the screen:

the image focuses on the tools menu with options to save to google drive, add to folder, save, print, email, cite, and share features


This menu allows you to easily save, print, or share a resource, along with several other options.


Exploring Related Information

The “Related Information” area, available on the left side of the screen when viewing an article, can be a wonderful access point to other items in the collection, or inside the same publication. You'll also find the Table of Contents in this area if you are viewing an eBook. The following image shows the location of "Related Information" inside an article screen:

the image shows the related information section displaying a table of contents