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DragonQuest Tutorial

Tutorial for searching DragonQuest, the library's online catalog and Discovery Service

Using Refine Results

The Refine Results panel is available on the DragonQuest search results screen. In Refine Results you can select options in any of the following sections*:

  • Limit to
    • Full Text- Items available instantly**
    • Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) Journals- Items written by experts
    • Available in Library Collection- Print and electronic items
    • Publication Date- Type in or use the slider bar
  • Source Type- Select specific types of materials
  • Subject- Select materials within a subject category 
  • Publisher
  • Publication- Titles of larger publications which contain items from your results list.
  • Language- Limit to a specific language.
  • Geography- Select items published in a specific country.
  • Location- Physical collections.
  • University- Limits the search to item’s available through universities nationally and abroad.
  • Collection- Limits results to those appearing in special collections, print and electronic.
  • Databases- Limits results to those items only found within a specific OhioLINK database.

*Librarian Tip: Look for “See more” under each section in the Refine Results menu. This will pop up additional options!

**If your information needs are urgent, we recommend using the Full Text option in Refine Results.

Boolean Searching

Boolean searching allows you to include or exclude specific terms from your search to help you more easily locate materials. This is done by using the Boolean operators AND, OR, and NOT. These dropdowns are available at the top of your search results. A brief explanation of each Boolean operator:

  • AND – Pulls resources where all of your search terms appear. AND makes your search smaller.
  • OR – Pulls resources where one or the other or both of your search terms appear. Using OR makes your search larger.
  • NOT – Excludes a word from your search. Using NOT makes your search smaller.

Using a series of dropdown menus, you can also select which specific fields of an item’s record that you want to search, such as title or author. 


Advanced Search Settings

 Advanced Search provides additional limiting options for your search.

The following image shows the Advanced Search screen:

image shows advanced search options for further restricting a search based on search terms, subjects, location, etc.