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Using Job Search Resources

A guide on how to conduct a job search efficiently using different job search databases.

Using Social Media in a Job Search

While job search databases are a great place to conduct a job hunt, social media platforms can also be a source for networking and job searching.  Platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn have features where employers can post open job positions.  These features allow employers to openly connect with candidates.


Advantages of Using Social Media

  • It requires less time to complete applications.
  • You do not have to create a separate profile/account (assuming you already have an account on the platform).
  • The platforms use your profile to match you with the most relevant job postings.


Disadvantages of Using Social Media

  • It limits your search to positions only on that platform.
  • Employers may be able to see "unprofessional" parts of your profile.


*It's important to be mindful of what you post online, whether you are actively searching for a job or not!


LinkedIn is a social media platform where you can search for and apply for jobs, recruit candidates, and make professional connections with others in your field.

Creating an Account

To create an account with LinkedIn:

  1. Visit the LinkedIn home page and click on "Sign Up."
  2. Enter your email address and a password you would like to use for the new account.  You can also register with your Google Gmail account.
  3. Click "Agree & Join."


  • Home: Consists of your news feed and groups.  You can use the home page to access most other features on LinkedIn as well.
  • My Network: This is where you can manage your network, make new connections, and add/delete contacts from your account.
  • Jobs: Where you can conduct new job searches and view results by title, organization, skill, or location.  You can also set up job alerts so that you will be notified when new jobs are posted in your area or within a specific field.  When applying for a job, you can upload a resume to your account and use it in future applications.
  • Messaging: A private messaging system where you can privately message other users. 
  • Notifications: Lists your most recent account activity, including those who may have viewed your profile, job application updates, and new posts from your network.
  • Me: This is where you can manage your posts and privacy settings.

Creating Your Profile

Creating a professional profile is very important on LinkedIn because it will be accessible to your network as well as potential employers.  It is recommended to include the following items for a professional profile:

  • Name and current occupation/school and major
  • A professionally done headshot for your profile picture
  • Education information
  • Industry you are interested in
  • Professional work and volunteer experience
  • Special skills
  • Licenses or certifications
  • Accomplishments and awards

If you need extra assistance using any of LinkedIn's features, you can view LinkedIn's help page here.

Facebook Jobs

Facebook Jobs is a feature on Facebook where you can search for open positions in your area.  If you already have a Facebook account, you do not need to create another profile to use this feature.  However, this feature is only accessible to those who have a Facebook account.



  • Search Jobs: Search for jobs by keyword, title, or business/organization.  It will make search suggestions for you based on what you type, but you do not have to use them.  When viewing search results, you have the option to save a job to your profile to view later.  Links to apply for a job are listed below each posting.  There are two types of application links:
    • Apply: Lets you submit your application through Facebook by answering a couple of questions about your qualifications.  It does not require a resume or cover letter.
    • Apply on website: Sends you to the company's website to begin the application.
  • Filters: Allows you to narrow down your search results to specific criteria, such as location, salary (hourly, monthly, yearly), job type (full time, part-time, etc.), and job category.
  • Job Alerts: If you are conducting a job search within a specific field, you can subscribe to Facebook's job alerts that notify you when new jobs are posted.  To subscribe for job alerts, click on the "Subscribe" icon under "Job Alerts" on the right side of the search results page.


Facebook Jobs Search Page

facebook jobs search page