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Using Job Search Resources

A guide on how to conduct a job search efficiently using different job search databases.

About This Guide

Searching for your first entry-level job can feel overwhelming because it is difficult to know where to start.  One of the first obstacles you may encounter is navigating job search websites.  Most job search websites function similarly to databases in that you can search for open positions by specific criteria.  This guide provides brief tutorials on how to use the most popular job search websites.  It contains the following:

Demonstrates how to use Tiffin University's College Central Network website to search for available job positions.

Provides tutorials on how to use common job posting databases to search for jobs in your field.

Provides tutorials on how to use job search databases that cater to recent college graduates.

Demonstrates how to use social media websites to find job postings.

Focuses on locating job postings in the state of Ohio.

Information about Tiffin University's Career Services department and how they can assist you in career development.

Provides tips on making your job search as thorough as possible as well as some job search sources that are available through DragonQuest.

Helpful links for extra assistance.