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NewsBank Tutorial

A tutorial for NewsBank, a database for locating news sources and media publications.

What is NewsBank?

NewsBank is one of the many databases on our A-Z list that provides access to credible sources.  In particular, NewsBank is an archive for electronic news sources, print newspapers, journals, and other media publications.  It is great for locating news sources on several topics, including business, education, people, sports, and topics in STEM fields.

If you want to learn more about navigating Pfeiffer Library's newspaper collection, you can view our guide on locating newspapers below.

Is NewsBank credible?

Newspapers and other news sources can have the reputation of not being the most credible.  While they may not be peer-reviewed like academic journals, NewsBank provides information only from trusted sources.  It is a diverse database that contains over 12,000 searchable titles that are unavailable elsewhere.  If you are concerned about the credibility of NewsBank's sources, you can get more information on their "Why NewsBank?" page.

You can also watch a short video below about the importance of newspapers as a valuable research tool.