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Locating Newspapers

Tutorial for locating newspaper resources throughout the library's collection.

What Is a Newspaper?

A newspaper is a type of periodical. Periodicals are published periodically- at predictable intervals- weekly, monthly, or in another time-specific pattern. A physical newspaper has its own distinct appearance, usually published on newsprint and containing many folds and/or inserts. An electronic newspaper may be more difficult to identify if the item is not specifically noted as a "newspaper" resource. 

You can find a thorough breakdown of scholarly, trade, magazine, and newspaper attributes on our Source Evaluation guide.

About this Guide

This guide covers newspaper access through the library. The contents include the following:

  • DragonQuest
    Tips for locating newspapers in DragonQuest.
  • Newspaper Databases
    General guidance for using our A to Z list to locate databases containing newspapers.
  • Newspaper Source
    Tips for using the Newspaper Source database.

  • Nexis Uni
    Locating newspapers in Nexis Uni.

  • Help
    Provides links to additional resources that were not otherwise mentioned.

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