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Dragon Education Core

Supports research development in DEC courses.

Annotated Bibliography

For your annotated bibliography, we recommend using Academic Writer, which has built-in features for creation.


These tutorials may also be handy in the creation of your annotated bibliography and citing your sources.

Attend a Webinar

We offer sessions to support your work in your DEC courses. If you can't attend at the time offered, we will send you a recording after the session runs if you register for the event. Check out our full offering on the calendar:

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Library Resources

Advanced Search

Are you looking for a specific database? Try our A to Z list.

You are currently searching Academic Search Complete. For more options, see our database list.

Want a print book and don't live near Ohio? Try searching WorldCat to find materials near you!
If you're looking to use an eBook, try searching just the Tiffin University catalog.

You are currently searching our journal holdings. If you wish to find an article, try searching one of our databases on the database list.

Scroll through the list to find a helpful research guide or visit the research guides page to see subject groups.

Library Research Strategies

The DragonQuest: Basic Searching video provides a basic overview of searching for materials using DragonQuest:

If you're struggling to find information, try these ideas:

Research Starters

Research Starters provide quick overviews of a broad topic. Research Starters appear at the very top of your DragonQuest search results if one happens to be available on your topic. The following image shows the location of a Research Starter on the broad topic "drug abuse."

DragonQuest search for "drug abuse" with a research starter featured on the topic


Many Research Starters contain additional links to topics and resources, along with recommended search strategies to help you locate additional information or explore related topics.

Resource Types

You can use the "Refine Results" area in DragonQuest to limit your search results to a specific type of resource OR narrow down our list of databases by the types of materials they contain. As an example, if you're looking to identify a community problem, you might benefit by browsing our collection of electronic newspapers. The following image shows the A to Z list dropdown menus to help you select databases which only contain certain types of resources.

All database types dropdown menu is open with "newspapers" highlighted


Consider using some of the following "community problem" keywords in DragonQuest:

  • drug abuse
  • petty crime
  • poverty
  • racism
  • teen pregnancy
  • clean drinking water
  • hunger
  • inequality
  • child abuse and neglect
  • affordable housing

A keyword search is the broadest search you can conduct inside our discovery service. 


Pfeiffer Library also has a number of research guides and tutorials to help guide you throughout your research process. Here are a few places to start to understand finding and evaluating your sources: 

Search Our Website

Look for the "Search about the library" box to search for content on our website. 

The website search box pulls resources together from multiple corners of the library. These include:

  • Library website results for guides and tutorials on the topic
  • Library events related to the topic
  • Research Databases list of all resources in our collection which may contain something about the topic
  • DragonQuest materials, both in-print and online, which might help you with your topic

The following image shows a snapshot of our search results for "APA format."

The image shows the search results returned for the terms "APA format." Library Website, Library Events, Research Databases List, and DragonQuest results are all displayed.

Publications Access

To help you understand the research process, you may find these publications helpful:

Browse by Call Number

If you want to browse the library's shelves for some additional potential, here are a few section recommendations:

  • BF - Psychology
  • HD - Business
  • HF - Communications
  • HV - Criminal Justice
  • LB - Education
  • PS - Literature
  • U - Government & Military

Browsing by call number is a good way to discover new materials related to your topic. Want to know more about using call numbers? Try this!