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Dragon Education Core

Supports research development in DEC courses.

Useful Downloads

In order to view some of our resources, you may need to download the latest version of the software listed below.

About This Guide

This guide has been created to help with the research process throughout the Dragon Education Core or the DEC courses. The library is here to help in the research process from the beginning stages of figuring out your topic to using discovery tools and citing your sources.

The guide begins by introducing you to the library and creating a reference point throughout your Tiffin University Education. Each page is then dedicated to research in one of the courses in the dragon education core courses.

  • About the Library
    Learn more about what the library offers you as a student and how you can use it to your advantage.
  • DEC100: Engage
    Supports finding background information and beginning the research process in DEC100.
  • DEC200: Explore
    Supports finding sources and creating an annotated bibliography in DEC200.
  • DEC250: Engage & Explore
    Supports finding sources and creating an annotated bibliography in the transfer course, DEC250.
  • DEC300: Connect
    Focuses on library and web search strategies, APA, and writing requirements in DEC300.
  • DEC400: Impact & e-Portfolio
    Helps you refine your research and recommends key resources and tutorials to help meet requirements for DEC400.
  • Help
    Provides links to additional resources that were not otherwise mentioned.


Remember, if you ever need extra help with research, you can meet with a librarian who will be happy to assist you.