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Navigating an EBSCO Database

The EBSCO collection of databases all have the same look and feel, but can contain different types of information. This tutorial provides a generic overview of the features found inside all EBSCO databases.

About this Guide

EBSCO is a popular library vendor responsible for many of the individual databases in our library's collection. Each EBSCO database contains similar features, formatting, and navigation.

This guide will walk you through these features and can be used as a tutorial for any of the databases from EBSCO.

This guide contains the following:

Provides a quick overview of how to find EBSCO databases, as well as the full list of EBSCO databases in our collection.

Provides an overview of standard search options available in every EBSCO database.

Provides an overview of tools and customization features.

Provides an overview of the user-created My EBSCOhost account to store and share information.

Links to help information and additional tutorials.



Because DragonQuest, our library's catalog, is an EBSCO product, you might also be interested in the following tutorial:

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