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Design Toolkit for Library Integrations

Wish list of all library integrations and services for online courses.

Open Source and OERs

If you'd like a more detailed version of the content presented on this page, we recommend you also visit our "Open Resources" guide:

Common OER Platforms

Utilizing institutional web space is one option that faculty can utilize. If a college or university permits individual faculty web pages to be linked to its main site, some faculty choose this method to showcase their OER materials.

To locate other OER resources, or to publish your own, you might want to consider some of the following FREE* platforms:

*FREE platforms may still require you to sign up for an account before viewing or creating material.

The following OER platforms have an associated charge:

The above lists represent a small selection of OER platforms. As interest in OER continues to grow, so will the availability of more options, features, and pricing models. 

The Library and OER

OER repository and publishing capabilities via the library

The library's LibGuides platform, which is used for library web content, is an obvious storage solution with search capability for materials you'd like to make OER. If you're interested in having our librarians develop and maintain a guide with your OER content, we recommend contacting us via email or filling out the following request:


Links to "Open" Databases

We include several "open access" databases in our A to Z list. Check out the full list.


Consortium Initiatives

There are also numerous Affordable Learning Initiatives in the work through our OhioLINK Consortium. Read more about those at the following link: