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Design Toolkit for Library Integrations

Wish list of all library integrations and services for online courses.

Sort Databases by Subject

Databases can be shifted by specific subject, type, or vendor from the library's A to Z databases list, which is accessible via the following link:

Sort using the dropdown boxes at the top of the page. The link in the address bar can be used to send students to the list you've created.

The following image shows the sort option at the top of the databases screen:

Image shows the A to Z databases screen limited to Psychology & Sociology databases

Find Guides by Subject

Use our list of Research Guides to provide students with a list of content created in-house by Tiffin University librarians.

Before you investigate outside "how-to" guides, consider requesting a Research Guide via the following link:

Search the Library's Website

The library's website includes a search box which allows users to toggle between library website content, library events, research databases, or DragonQuest. This search box is shown in the following image:

Image focuses in on the search about the library search box on the library's home page

While it is best to direct students to the Find Library Resources box on the library's website in order to have full DragonQuest functionality, this search method can also be used to pull collections of information together in one area.

The following image shows the toggle options after a search is conducted on the library's website:

Image shows the options for searching available on the library website after a search is conducted