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Design Toolkit for Library Integrations

Wish list of all library integrations and services for online courses.

Embed a Librarian

Moodle Discussion Forums

Place a librarian inside your capstone course at the students' point of need. If students have a library-related question, the librarian responds in a public "Library Q&A" forum where all students can benefit directly inside the LMS. Contact the library for assistance with this feature.

Library Instruction

Synchronous library instruction sessions are available and offered either on campus or online. Schedule instruction sessions using the following button:

Individualized Assistance

Make student meetings with a librarian a requirement in your course by asking students to schedule a Research Consultation. Research Consultations are offered on campus or online. To schedule, send students to the following link:

Embed Canned Library Instruction

If you'd prefer to embed our traditional offerings in the LMS, whether as required or supplemental viewing, canned library instruction typically covers the following topics, and is offered per 7-week term on a rotating basis:

  • Searching DragonQuest
  • Evaluating Resources
  • Academic Writer
  • Grammarly

Request additional topics for something not covered here by contacting us at to make it a part of our regularly scheduled offerings. 

You can link to our library events calendar in your online course or seated course companion. 

Embed options for the LMS are also available in a variety of sizes and formats. If you'd prefer to embed the interactive calendar in the LMS, contact the library directly for assistance.