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Tiffin University Research Conference and Competition

Information about the annual Student Research Conference.

2022: Fall Virtual Conference

The following students earned a Certificate for Distinction on their Presentations: 

2021: The Year of Resilience

Congratulations to our 2021 winners!


School of Criminal Justice

  • Undergraduate:
    • Lydia Greavu, Kylie Holm, and Lynnae Krantz, Tiffin University Meal Plans
    • Makenzie Wheeler, Does online schooling cause mental health issues to increase?
    • Christian Moore, Effects of Academic Burnout on Students
    • Elizabeth Siegwardt, College Students' Knowledge of Sexual Assault
  • Graduate:
    • Andrea C. Pappas, The opioid epidemic in Ohio: It is time to start asking why
    • Isabel Nemitz, Public Perception of Mental Illness and Its Effect on Perception of Criminal Culpability
    • Natalie Moon, Difference Between Female and Male Child Sex Offenders

School of Business

  • Undergraduate:
    • Emily Bogner, Harlee Holbrook, and Logan Sullivan, Business Risks and Analytical Procedures

School of Arts & Sciences

  • Undergraduate:
    • Maria Boccia and Lauryn Grcic, Hormonal and Emotional Stress Responses to Perceived Threat in Male Collegiate eSports Athletes Pre- and Post- Competition

2020: Impact of Research

Winners in 2020 included:

  • Abbeylin Farnsworth, Illuminating Social Injustice: How Protest Songs Spur Public Change
  • Julie St. Leger, We Need to Talk: Classroom Strategies to Improve Student Willingness to Communicate

2019: Power of Research

Our second annual conference was the Power of Research. A special thank you to the Ohio Innocence Project for being our Keynote Speakers. Our 2019 winners were in the categories of...Group of winners with trophies

  • Outstanding Qualitative Undergraduate Research:
    K. Hock & S. Kentowski, Top Hops
  • Outstanding Quantitative Undergraduate Research:
    A. Pappas, A Well-Regulated Militia or the Right to Bear Arms: The Gun Control Debate in The United States
  • Outstanding Interdisciplinary Research:
    B. Iannatuno, The War in Afghanistan: Why Are We There and How Do We Feel About It?
  • Outstanding Creative Research:
    J. Bernans & R. McCrea, The Illusion of Guilt
  • Outstanding Qualitative Graduate Research:
    K. Grogg, Sex Sells, or Does It?
  • Outstanding Quantitative Graduate Research:
    M. Graber, The Smoking Gun: A Look at Eyewitness Testimony
  • Outstanding Research Poster:
    M. Trzpis, LGBT Bias Discrimination and Hate Crimes
  • People's Choice Award:
    K. Hock & S. Kentowski, Top Hops

2018: Joy of Research

Our first annual conference was the Joy of Research. Our 2018 winners included:

  • T. Endsley, J. Miller, & N. Farmer.  Raspberry Pi: A Laser Tripwire Story. 
    Winning category: Technology
  • B. Steiff. Feminine Hygiene in Prisons: The Problem & Solution.
    Winning category: Qualitative Research
  • T. Turner. "Deaf CAN Hear": A Study of Deaf Culture Stereotypes.
    Winning category: Creative Research
  • M. Blouir & O. Osborn. Seeing Red: Attitudes Towards Menstruation.
    Winning category: Interdisciplinary Research
  • H. Creech, D. Gjetaj, & D. Leck. Knowledge and Attitude Towards Human Trafficking.
    Winning category: Quantitative Research
  • A. Flotterson & T. Lewis.  Identification of Volatile Organic Compounds Present in Decaying Chicken Organs Using SPME-GC/MC.
    Winning category: Best Poster
  • A. Alaniz. Sexual Harassment Myth Acceptance and Recognition.
    Winning category: Graduate Quantitative Research
  • J. Bires, M. Feser, Z. Zippert.  Professions Impact on Sexual Harassment Punishment.
    Winning category: Graduate Interdisciplinary Research