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Tiffin University Research Conference and Competition

Information about the annual Student Research Conference.

About the Event

Call for Proposals

Why present at the conference?  Here are just a few reasons:

  1. Professional scholarship opportunities set you apart from other graduates in the job market and graduate applications. 
  2. Applying content in your courses helps develop a professional identity. 
  3. Sharing knowledge and expertise with peers can have a positive impact on your learning and professional development.
  4. Add presentation experience to your CV/resume.


You must register for the conference with your intended research proposal by filling out this form.  You can also access the registration form through the campus-wide email that should be in your university Gmail inbox.  We welcome proposals from all disciplines. Proposals are due by March 7th, 2023.

Please remember an accepted IRB proposal is needed prior to the submission of a conference proposal for any research involving human subjects. More information about IRB is available in the Presenter Information section.

Summary Paper Submission

Please submit your summary paper for the conference by filling out this form. We thank you for your hard work and look forward to reading through the fruits of your labors!

Please remember an accepted IRB proposal is needed prior to the submission of a conference proposal for any research involving human subjects. More information about IRB is available in the Presenter Information section.

Conference Schedule

Friday, April 14th

Locations for presentations: MAIN 12, MAIN 13, MAIN 14, MAIN 21, MAIN 22, MAIN 23, & MAIN 24

Registration (Osceola): 8:15AM to 8:45AM

Welcoming Remarks from Dr. Peter Holbrook, Provost (Osceola): 8:45AM to 9:00AM

Presentation Sessions Group 1 (Main Classrooms): 9:15AM to 10:45AM

Presentation Sessions Group 2 (Main Classrooms): 11:00AM to 12:30PM

Lunch/Keynote Speaker/Awards for Presenters (Osceola): 1:00PM to 3:00PM

Presenter Information and Topics (In-Person)

Friday, April 14th (Session 1, 9:15 AM - 10:45 AM)

Main 11 (Athletics):  

Moderator:  Marti Jerew

  • Isabella St Peter, "Mental Health and Confidence in Sports"
  • Luke Franczek, "How overtraining and nutrition affect performance"
  • Zach McMinn, "The Effect Coaches have on Athletes"
  • Jesse Connell, "The Impact Caffeine has on Football Performance"
  • Abdulaziz Alqahtani, "How bad is Fast Food"
  • Iran Love, "How working out helps the human body"

Main 12 (Trauma)

Moderator:  Fang-Mei Law

  • Charlotte Campbell, "Perceptions of Sentencing Based On Childhood Trauma"
  • Kyley Sigman, "Social Media and perceptions of IPV"
  • Rianna Caridas & Chloe Gibson, "The Perception of Childhood Trauma and Drug usage."
  • Zoey Chambry, "How Does Childhood Trauma Affect the Adult Life"
  • Mohammed Albaqami, "Cyber security for Startup Businesses"

Main 14 (Policing & Rights)

Moderator:  Johnathon Sharpe

  • Ellie Swinehart, "College Student's Knowledge of Miranda Rights"
  • Grace Biglin, "College Students Understanding of Miranda Rights"
  • Mathew Carden, "How well do individuals know the limits of freedom of speech?"
  • Colton Price, "What Rights are Protected on a Private College Campus"
  • Emma Rich, "Knowing Your Rights"

Main 21 (Politics)

Moderator:  James Gilmer

  • Logan Stone, "Political Beliefs and Extremists Views"
  • Rachel Kandathil, "A Research Study on Sham Marriages"
  • Jason Slachter, "Different Red Lines Majors Have in Conflicts"
  • Lily Hollibaugh, "Civic Knowledge of the United States Related to Distrust of Government"
  • Alayna Thornsberry, Miyo Fabregas, "Roe vs. Wade: Knowledge & Perspective on Abortion"

Main 22 (Technology)

Moderator:  Andy Gorman

  • Will Heineman, "How Phones Affect Mental Health"
  • Faisal Alosimy, "Cybersecurity"
  • Abdullah Alrashdi, "Effects of social media usage on academic performance of students at Tiffin University."
  • Reahl Allen, "Cybersecurity knowledge in tech industry"
  • Clarence E. Gossett IV, "The power of AI"
  • Nasser Aldossari, "Mobile Security Problems and Defensive Methods"

Main 23 (Sex)

Moderator:  Steven Hurwitz

  • Carolyn “Kenny” McGauley and Sarah Smith, "Knowledge and Attitudes of Sex Offenders"
  • Ethereal Trippett, "Should Counselors be Required to Mandate a Sex Offender's Sexual Fantasy?"
  • Olcay Sedef Karatas, "Do you think sexting is normal?"
  • Michelle Poirier, "The Perception of Sexual Activity"

Main 24 (Childhood)

Moderator:  Liz Victor

  • Fiorella Vera, "The Impact of Trauma on Childhood Development"
  • Logan Barrera, "Identification of Childhood ADHD"
  • Ryan Young, "Stress and Depression in College Students"
  • Michael Pavelich, "What makes people feel as if they have life figured out?"

Friday, April 14th (Session 2, 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM)

Main 11 (Education)

Moderator:  James Gilmer

  • Yasir Alwatyan, "How sleep affects productivity"
  • Maliyah Eiland-Johnson, "Time Management Skills"
  • Gillian Blankenship, "How Sex Education Affects Sexual Health"
  • Aubrey Martin, "College Students' Educational Attainment and Opinion of the Educational System"
  • Keegan Brown, "Student Thoughts on Effective of Their Professors"
  • Majed Aldossary, "Ask people about their knowledge related to cybersecurity"

Main 12 (Sentencing)

Moderator:  Steven Hurwitz

  • Nakiya Wynn, "Solitary Confinement"
  • Bradley Woods and Kayle Mowry, "Ohio Mandatory Minimum Drug Sentencing"
  • Chase R. Drange, "Perception of drug decriminalization as a method for reducing recidivism"
  • Bailey Young, "Sentencing Fairness and Mental Illness"
  • Anaya Travis & Ines Chaves, "What biases should we account for?"

Main 14 (Policing)

Moderator:  Lacy Ellis

  • Zane Loibl, "Not all Cops are bad cops"
  • Elizabeth Ink, "Opinions of Law Enforcement"
  • Stephen Embaugh, "Police Body Camera Usage"
  • Connor Bogdanski, "Public survey on Law Enforcement"
  • Oliver Hoppe, "LGBTQ+ Perceptions of Law Enforcement"

Main 21 (Social)

Moderator:  Liz Victor

  • Thomas Prizzia, "Are Casinos Ethical?"
  • Maxwell Kuznicki, "What do people know about guns?"
  • Natalie Myers, "The Influence of Influencers"
  • Alexis Waller, "Societal Impact of Crime Coverage"
  • Karsyn Carriveau, "Social Media's Effect on Mental Health"

Main 22 (Rehab)

Moderator:  Marti Jerew

  • Morgan Wilhelm, "“Does rehab or correction make the criminal?” A Comparison of Youth in Rehabilitation vs Corrections"
  • Lauren Halford, "Does a Person's Background Affect their Sentencing"
  • Madison Ball, "Is patience and Forgiveness related"
  • Danielle Deel, "Punishment or Treatment?"
  • Catherine Webb, "Students Attitudes and Knowledge on Rehabilitation"

Main 23 (Trafficking)

Moderator:  Johnathon Sharpe

  • Shannon Asiala & Hallie Sheehan, "Human Trafficking"
  • Kelsey Gottbehuet, "Playing with Fire: Knowledge and Attitudes About Sex Buying of Minors"
  • Alexia Swisher, "Sexual Assault Attitudes toward the Gender of the Victim and Perpetrator"
  • Diana Kwiatkowski, "What do YOU consider sexual assault?"
  • Alexis Batt, "Victim Blaming and Gender Bias"

Main 24 (Mental Health)

Moderator:  Fang-Mei Law

  • Kyla Williams, "Body Dysmorphia Survey"
  • Ametha Savon, "Psychological Effect on educators working with emotional and behavioral students."
  • Samantha Smith, "Students' knowledge of provided on-campus mental health services related to the willingness to pursue provided services."
  • Lynnae Krantz, "Equine Assisted Psychotherapy for Military Veterans"
  • Kierstyn A. Jackson, "CIT training among law enforcement: Does it work?"