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Electronic Theses & Dissertations Center

This guide is a tutorial on how to use OhioLINK's Electronic Theses & Dissertations center.

Advanced Searching

You can conduct a more specific search by using the advanced search function in the ETD.

By clicking "Advanced search" beneath the basic search bar on the ETD homepage, your search options will transform into a series of different boxes rather than just one simple box.  The additional search boxes include the following categories:

  • Subject
  • Limit by Year
  • Language
  • Institution
  • Field to search


ETD Advanced Search Page

etd adv search page

The advanced search function lets you string together limiters to have a specific search for your needs. There are also dropdown menus for each search box where you can select category from the list (selecting from the list of suggestions is required).  The "field to search" bar allows you to search for items that are not listed in the above boxes.  The categories are:

  • Title
  • Abstract
  • Author
  • ORCID identifier
  • Committee members
  • Topic keywords
  • Full text

To add additional fields to your search, select a category from the "fields to search box" and a new line will appear.  If you want to restart your advanced search from scratch, click on the "clear fields" icon below the magnifying glass.