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Mergent Online

Tutorial for using the Business database Mergent Online

Basic Search

Public Company

The first option for basic search gives you five options to search:

  • USA Company Database (Active)
  • USA Company Database (Inactive)
  • International Company Database (Active)
  • International Company Database (Inactive)
  • D&B Private Company Search

By default, the first four are already selected for you to search for information on public companies

Mergent Online Basic Search

You can, however, change what is selected to search as to find the most relevant information. When you type in the search box, the box will make suggestions for companies available to view. You can click on the company to land on the company's profile page that has robust information available in various tabs. 

Private Company

If interested in private companies, instead of having the first four boxes checked, only have the "D&B Private Company Database" option selected and follow the steps for a public company.

Through Mergent, we also have access to Duns & Bradstreet's 20 Million Plus Private Company search, which expands your options. If interested in trying more options for private company information, follow these steps in Mergent Online:

  1. On the basic search tab, D&B is on the right-hand side below the basic search. Ensure that the box is checked to enable typing in the search in the search box.
    D&B 20 Million Plus Private Company Search box
  2. There are 3 ways to search: Company Symbol/Name, Country, or Duns Number. Select your method with information and hit Go.

Because private company information is harder to find, you may also want to try these databases to find your information:

Additional Search Options

Beyond the basic search, you will note that there are many different tabs at the top of the database that enable different methods of searching. These tabs include:

  • Advanced Search
  • D&B 20 M Plus Private Company Search
  • Executive Search
  • Government Filings
  • Country Insight
  • Economic Research
  • Industry Analysis
  • Independent Research
  • Horizon

These tabs allow you to be more specific about the company or information seeking and/or search specific pieces of information that are available in company profiles. Each of these tabs has a different search behavior. If you need any assistance utilizing these additional and advanced search features, we encourage you to contact a librarian.