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Mergent Online

Tutorial for using the Business database Mergent Online

Within a Single Company

When viewing a company, you will note there is a "Report Builder" tab. There are three types of reports you can build:

  • Custom Reports
  • Report Wizard
  • Comparison Report

These appear underneath the company's navigation tabs once in the "Report Builder" tab.

Mergent Online Report Builder Tab

The default view is for "Custom Reports." This lets you build a report of different components of the company in view.

If you select "Report Wizard," you will find a drag and drop version of reports of pre-defined reports.

In "Comparison Reports," you can build a report that compares this company to others within a  similar group. 

When creating reports, you usually have the option download them in as either a Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, HTML, or PDF document.

Comparing Companies

Within an individual company, you are able to compare it to some related pieces of information such as its industry. However, if you have a few specific companies or executives you wish to compare, you can do that as well. To do this, as you visit pages, you will note next to the title there is a button for "+ to Company Analysis List."

When you add items to a list, they are added to your "My Mergent Tools," which are good for the time of your session. More about "My Mergent Tools" is available in the "Additional Features" section of this guide. Once you have all those that you are interested in added to the list, you can open "My Mergent Tools," which will be somewhere on the right-hand side of your screen.

My Mergent Tools>Company Analysis List (2/500)

You can then select your desired list. A pop-up window will appear with the custom reports screen to build your report.