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Mergent Online

Tutorial for using the Business database Mergent Online

About Mergent Online

Mergent Online contains a wealth of information to assist with business and financial research. Some of the components included in the resources are the following:

  • U.S Company Data
    Find financial information for a number of active, inactive, and out-of-existence public companies.
  • International Company Data
    Similar to the U.S. data, this contains financial information for non-U.S. active, inactive, out-of-existence companies.
  • D&B Private Company Database
    Find information on a number of private companies held domestically and internationally.* 
    *Careful! Private companies are much more difficult to find information.

When company information is available, you may also find this information with the company:

  • News
  • Annual Reports
  • Industry Reports
  • Executive Profiles
  • Equity Pricing Data
  • Mergent Horizon
  • ... and more!

It's important to know when using Mergent, it typically works best if you already know what you need to find as it is not a very browse-friendly discovery system.