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Grammarly Tutorial

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About this Guide

Grammarly identifies spelling, grammar, and plagiarism issues in your writing. Unlike spelling and grammar check in Microsoft Word, which only provides corrections, Grammarly includes an explanation of the writing error so that you know what to look for when you proofread your work. Grammarly also makes the distinction in the type of paper you’ve been asked to write, which is important because tone and content requirements vary for different assignments.

Grammarly is a free resource for Tiffin University students. In order to use Grammarly, you must sign up for a free account. This tutorial will walk you through creating your Grammarly account and navigating inside Grammarly.

The contents include the following:

  • Creating Your Account
    Provides detailed guidance for account creation.
  • Uploading Your Paper
    Demonstrates how to upload or use copy/paste to pull a paper into the Grammarly interface.
  • Advanced Settings
    Adjust settings to fit specific types of assignments or look for plagiarism violations from web resources.
  • Interpreting the Results
    Provides a broad overview of issues found by Grammarly and how to edit them.
  • Grammarly Apps
    Provides an overview of features available to link Grammarly to Microsoft Word and/or your web browser.
  • Get Help
    Provides support information.

Our web guides are designed to be brief. If you need more detail than what we've provided here, check out our Google Doc at the following link (NOTE: You should be signed into your TU email in your browser to access this file):

Additional Resources

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