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OhioLINK Catalog (Encore)

Database tutorial for searching the OhioLINK Catalog

Using Permalinks

If you want to access an item at a later time, after you close your browser window, you must copy in the permalink from the item's record. The permalink is a link that will never change.*

The following image shows you the location of the permalink in the "Link to this record" area:

"Link to this record" option displayed within an item's record.

*Copying the link in your browser window will not take you back to the item. Anyone trying to access via that link may receive an error message.

Save to a Folder

Look for the "Additional Actions" icons below the "Request it" button in your results list or within an item's record to save an item to your folder.*

The following image shows an item's record with "Additional Actions" listed to save your search or send to various citation management platforms.**

Image shows an item's record with title, holdings, request, and additional options.

*Items will disappear from your folder once you close out of your browser window

**Tiffin University does not license with RefWorks or EndNote