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OhioLINK Catalog (Encore)

Database tutorial for searching the OhioLINK Catalog

Advanced Search Options

The following image shows the Advanced Search options screen, with the option to revert back to the "Basic Search."

Image of the advanced search screen with option to return to basic search, search box, dropdown arrows for boolean searching using and/or/not, format, location, language, year.

Use the dropdown arrows to search for words in a specific field of an item's record. Those options are:

  • Keyword - search for a word or string of words in any part of an item's record
  • Title - search for a word or string of words only in the title of an item
  • Subject - search for a word or string of words in the assigned subject headings
  • Author - search for a word or string of words in only the author field

Use Boolean operators to either include or exclude certain terms for your search. 

  • AND – Pulls resources where all of your search terms appear. AND makes your search smaller.
  • OR – Pulls resources where one or the other or both of your search terms appear. Using OR makes your search larger.
  • NOT – Excludes a word from your search. Using NOT makes your search smaller.

Adjust format, location, and language using the dropdown menus. Insert a range of dates in the year field if needed.