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OhioLINK Catalog (Encore)

Database tutorial for searching the OhioLINK Catalog

Information for Online Students

Defining "Distance"

You are considered a "distance" user at Tiffin University when you:

  • Are enrolled in an online or hybrid course, AND
  • Live a distance beyond a "reasonable" commute to campus or pick-up anywhere location (roughly 60 miles)

Distance users hold the same access to the electronic collection as campus users. Distance users can have access to various print resources if they are:

  • Willing to commute to campus (free pickup), OR
  • Willing to pay for shipping costs (in cases where you are more than 60 miles from campus or pickup anywhere location), AND
  • Living within the United States

Borrowing Privileges

Distance users have the same limitations on the number of items which can be checked out/requested at a given time. This is based on your user status with the university (undergraduate, graduate, faculty/staff, etc.). 

Distance users outside of the United States do not have borrowing rights to print resources at this time.

Circulating Materials


OhioLINK lending restrictions apply uniformly from campus to distance users, with the acknowledgment that distance users who have requested materials be shipped to their home may have a longer waiting period in order to receive their items. 

InterLibrary Loan

InterLibrary Loan lending restrictions apply uniformly from campus to distance users, with the acknowledgment that distance users who have requested materials be shipped to their home may have a longer waiting period in order to receive their items. 

Shipping, Fees, and User Responsibilities

If you elect to have an OhioLINK or InterLibrary Loan item sent to your home, you must:

  • Check your University email frequently so that librarians can confirm shipping address and methods.
  • Pay for shipping - both directions

Fines, and the procedures for correcting those fines, still apply if materials are lost or damaged.

Course Reserves

Course reserves are currently unavailable for distance users. Users wishing to utilize materials placed on reserve must commute to campus in order to use the materials. 

There are currently no reserve options available for faculty teaching online courses.

How to Request as a Distance Student

If you fulfill the requirements to have material shipped to you, the steps are similar to Pick-up anywhere. However, instead of changing your pick-up institution, simply change your pick up location to "Tiffin Distance Education." If this is your first time using it, a librarian will contact you shortly. 

Accessing OhioLINK

The following link will lead you to the OhioLINK Catalog:

Using the Search Box

The Central Catalog search box allows you to search for any piece of an item's record. This includes title, author, keyword, and ISBN number. Type your terms into the Central Catalog search box and select the arrow or hit Enter to conduct your search.

The following image shows the Central Catalog search box:

View of the OhioLINK Central Library Catalog search box with options to also search the classic catalog.

Viewing Your Results

Your search results are sorted by "relevance," but can also be sorted alphabetically by title or by date (newest results displayed first, though some materials should be checked for accuracy).

The following image shows the Results for our keyword search on "education" resources:

Image of the results list with the search box near the top of the page, result count, page view options, and "request" button available with each item.

Use the "Request It" button to place requests for print materials. 

Follow the prompts in the pop-up window to select your institution and fill in your name and barcode number.

If you do not know your barcode number, please contact us at 

Narrowing Your Results

Narrow OhioLINK Results:

After conducting your search, your list of results will display. If you did not use Advanced Search features, discussed in another section of this tutorial, your search results list is likely very long.

Using the Refine By menu, you can limit your results to the following:

  • Availability - Is your resource in print or online?
  • Found in - If keyword searching, you can refine by that word in only the subject, title, or author field
  • Format - What type of resource is it?
  • Language - Limit results to only include a certain language, such as English, to avoid items which do not have translated versions
  • Publish Date - Type in your date range and click "Apply" 
  • Place - In what country was the item published?
  • Subject - Choose similar items in the same subject area

Browse Other Catalogs:

You can also search other catalogs easily in the "Refine by" area.

SearchOhio is a large consortium of public libraries throughout the state. A click on the SearchOhio icon will send you to the Central Catalog for public libraries, and conduct your search for you automatically.

WorldCat is a catalog of libraries around the world. If you are out of state, this can be a viable option to obtain print materials from a library closer to home without the cost of shipping from the Tiffin library.

The following images shows the SearchOhio and WorldCat icons in the "Refine by" area:

Image shows "Other Sources" with icons for SearchOhio and WorldCat

Search terms too broad or too narrow?

If you didn't get exactly what you needed in your search, look for the "Related Searches" option in the "Refine by" box.

These search suggestions can be helpful!