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Electronic Journal Center

Tutorial for using OhioLINK's Electronic Journal Center to locate scholarly publications


Once you've selected an item from your search results page, the item itself has many parts to understand. The video below outlines the pieces of the item's information page, such as how to access, retrieve it again with a permalink, and more.  There are also written instructions below the video.


Sample EJC Article Page

sample ejc article page


Each article page provides a brief profile of the publication and includes critical citation information, such as author(s), publication date, source journal, and abstract. There is also a permalink available, which is a permanent link of the article for the foreseeable future.  "Article Citation" at the bottom of the page lists other publications that have cited the article.  To access a PDF version of the article, click on the "PDF Full Text" icon on the left side of the page.


Journal pages are set up very similarly to article pages. In the beginning, you have some basic bibliographic information and the journal title will be in red. From there, collapsible menus let you browse at the volume and issue-level to locate articles of interest to select.  On the left side, there is a search bar where you can search the journal for specific terms.  To return to the previous page or list of journals, click on the "Back to list" icon.


EJC Journal Profile Page

ejc journal profile

Using Citations

There are several ways to locate and use a citation of an article or journal!  Your options are located in the center of any journal article page.


  • Download Citation: This option allows you to download a copy of the article's citation information in EJC General Format, APA style, MLA style, or Chicago style.  Check with your assignment instructions to determine which format you need.


EJC Download Citations Window

citation download window

  • Email Citation: Allows you to select a citation format and email a copy of the article's citation to your email address.


EJC Email Citations Window

email citation





  • Export Citation: Allows you to export an article's citation as an RIS file, which can be used in citation management programs (Refworks, Mendeley, Endnote, Zotero, etc.).


EJC Export Citations Window

export citations window

The video below demonstrates how to save citations from the EJC.