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Electronic Journal Center

Tutorial for using OhioLINK's Electronic Journal Center to locate scholarly publications


Through the advanced feature searching, you can craft your search more specifically.

By clicking "Advanced search" beneath the basic search bar on the EJC homepage, your search options will transform into a series of different boxes rather than just one simple box.


Advanced Search Page

advanced search page

The advanced search tool lets you string together Boolean operators, field limiters, and time limiters to have a specific search for your needs. Your Boolean operators have a drop-down for "and" and "or". There are then 15 field limiter options to search the metadata for your needs. If more lines are needed in the search, you can use the + at the end of each line to add more lines.  The field limiters are:

  • Any text field
  • Article title
  • Author
  • Article Topics
  • Abstract
  • Full text
  • Journal title
  • Journal subject
  • Publisher
  • Date
  • ISSN
  • DOI (exact match)
  • DOI (partial match)
  • Volume
  • Issue

There is an additional line that is for "Not" and this is the Boolean option to remove items of a certain type. The same field limiters still exist for this line as well as the additional line +.


Because materials in the EJC are perpetual access, sometimes you want to just browse a particular journal. The video below shows some advanced searching tips for locating a journal title to browse.

Tips for Browsing the List of Journals

  • Use the subject filter on the left side to limit the journals to one specific topic.  This is especially useful if you already know your research topic.
  • If you know the exact journal you want, search for it in the list by typing the ISSN number into the first filter on the left side.
  • If you know several keywords on your topic, use the "Journal Title Starts With..." filter.  This will search for journals with the first letter of your keyword.  You can also try synonyms for your keywords, which may yield different journals.