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Electronic Journal Center

Tutorial for using OhioLINK's Electronic Journal Center to locate scholarly publications


The EJC is a unique collection of professional and scholarly articles purchased by OhioLINK. Information pieces come from a variety of publishers and disciplines. Unlike many other databases in the library, the items in the EJC are perpetual access items that will be retained by Pfeiffer Library as long as it is an OhioLINK member.

It's important to remember that the EJC is one of the few databases that does not carry an article index within DragonQuest. Therefore, when researching, it may be worthwhile to search the EJC and DragonQuest to locate materials. When searching the EJC, remember these 2 key aspects:

  • It is full-text searching the documents as well as the detailed record of the item.
  • Subject terms in the EJC are referred to as keywords - not to be confused with keyword searching!

You can search the EJC by journal or by article, so the search process may differ depending on the information you need.  The main features of the EJC are basic search, advanced search, and citations.  Visit the other parts of this guide for tutorials on these features!