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Case Studies

Tutorial to help you locate case studies inside library databases.

Case Study Resources

The following databases in the library contain case studies:

Tips for Locating Case Studies in the Library

Case Studies in EBSCO Databases

You can limit your search results to only "case studies" in any EBSCO database by clicking on the "Advanced Search" option in the "Document Type" scroll box. The following image shows the location of this option:

Image shows the option for case studies highlighted in the "document type" box of the "advanced search" screen

If you need additional navigation help, we recommend the Navigating an EBSCO Database tutorial.

Case Studies in Nexis Uni

The "Advanced Search" option below the Nexis Uni search box allows you to limit your search results by topic, and include a series of words in that search. The following screen shows the steps we followed in order to isolate a "case study" for a certain topic:

Image shows the advanced search screen of Nexis Uni with the search box and the top and various options to limit the search.


  1. Click Advanced Search on the Nexis Uni home page.
  2. Type search terms in the search box.
  3. Scroll down the page and enter the words - case study - in the "this exact phrase" box.
  4. Click "Add" to place those terms with your keywords in the top box.
  5. Click the search icon to proceed to the results screen.*

*Note- some of the results may be news briefings and not the case studies themselves, but can lead you to additional search terms and information which might be helpful.

If you need additional navigation help, we recommend the Nexis Uni tutorial.

Case Studies in O'Reilly Safari Learning Platform

The O'Reilly Safari Learning Platform provides quick access to case studies directly on their home page. The following image shows the list of case studies, accessible by simply scrolling down the screen:

Image shows the landing page of O'Reilly Safari with the search box at the top and the area for case studies, including options for "see more" and thumbnail images of some case studies.

Click "See more" to access the full list of case study categories. The quantity of case studies available within each category is also noted.

If you need additional navigation help, we recommend the O'Reilly Safari Learning Platform tutorial.