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Case Studies

Tutorial to help you locate case studies inside library databases.

About this Guide

This guide provides instructors for locating, reading, and responding to case studies. The contents include the following:

  • Locating Case Studies
    Find case studies in the library's resources.
  • Reading Case Studies
    Provides tips for reading comprehension.
  • Writing Case Studies
    Provides guidance for situations where you may be asked to write your own case study.
  • Help
    Provides links to additional resources that were not otherwise mentioned.

View a previously recorded library instructional webinar about locating case study resources in the library:

What Is a "Case Study"?

Case studies are in-depth examinations of a specific topic through the collection of data.

The following Research Starter further defines the concept of the "case study":

Common Uses of Case Studies

Case studies:

  • Explore new concepts
  • Generate new ideas or new ways of thinking about a specific concept
  • Illustrate theories
  • Identify new relationships or connections with other concepts

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