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Flashback Friday: T.B.U. Commencement (1939)

by Brigitte Galauner on 2022-04-22T10:00:00-04:00 in Archive | 0 Comments

The featured item for our final Flashback Friday of the academic year is something that we found as a result of completing various archival projects this year.  The photos below are of an issue of The Advertiser-Tribune from June 1939The pages are all intact and are still in the correct page order.  This issue of The Advertiser-Tribune is significant to Tiffin University because it provides information on commencement festivities from that year.  Commencement is one of the most important events for Tiffin University, so we aim to preserve its history on campus.  It is worth recognizing the other articles in this newspaper issue because they provide historical context for the time period.  It is easier to imagine a specific event (such as commencement) from 1939 when we have an understanding of the time period.

We hope that after seeing this newspaper, you can appreciate the commencement festivities that we have today.  Congratulations to all of our 2022 graduates, and we wish everyone a wonderful summer!


Front Page, The Advertiser-Tribune (June 3, 1939)

AT 1939 cover page

This is the front cover page of volume VII, number 125 of The Advertiser-Tribune.  Like most newspapers, the front page features the most eye-catching and relevant articles.  They often highlight important people, places, things, or events.  Notable articles on this front page include "Tiffin Business University Holds Annual Commencement" and "Abandon Hope for 96 in British Sub."


"Tiffin Business University Holds Annual Commencement" cont. (pg. 7)

TBU commencement pg 2

This page continues the article from the cover page about Tiffin Business University's commencement ceremony.  It is located in the center of the page titled "TBU Commencement."


"T.B.U. Seniors, Faculty Attend Luncheon Meet"

TBU senior faculty luncheon

The Advertiser-Tribune publishes several articles about Tiffin University each year, even if they are not featured on the front page.  This article describes a luncheon that T.B.U. seniors and faculty attended together.


Comic Strips (pg. 9)

Like many newspapers, The Advertiser-Tribune publishes short comic strips in each issue.  While it may not be intentional, they often provide important political and social commentary about the time period.

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