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Flashback Friday: Halloween Dance Photographs

by Brigitte Galauner on 2020-10-30T10:00:00-04:00 | Comments

Halloween is here!  This week, we are highlighting some historic university photographs of past Halloween events.  According to our records, the most popular campus event for Halloween was the Halloween Dance, which was held during the last week of October.  As you can see from the photographs below, students did not wear their "Sunday best" to these dances.  It was a more casual event where attendees could dress less formally.  It is unclear if attendees would wear traditional Halloween costumes to these events, but photos show that plaid was a popular fashion choice for both men and women.  These dances would get pretty crazy, leaving behind quite a mess for the staff to clean.  As long as there was no permanent damage, it just means that the students had a great time!

It is very fortunate that the Halloween Dance photographs are dated and labeled because we have several other unlabeled photographs of campus-related activities.  In some cases they are labeled, but are categorized or stored incorrectly.  This makes working with certain materials difficult because we are unsure as to where they belong.  This also applies to any materials we receive that have no dates or titles.  That being said, recordkeeping is very important when it comes to print materials.  If an item does not have a date or label, its value can be lost over time.  If it is misplaced, it can also be lost for years.  We tend not to think about dating or labeling everything we create, but it can play a big role in preserving information in the future.   The next time you take a photo or create an artistic masterpiece, you may want to give it a title!


Tiffin University Halloween Dance, 1955

halloween dance 1955

halloween dance 1955 2

Pictured in these photographs are Tiffin University students attending the campus Halloween Dance in 1955.  You can tell that the venue had plenty of fall decorations and even allowed younger children to attend (second photo, right side).


Tiffin University Halloween Dance, 1956

halloween dance 1956

halloween dance 1956 2

Attendees and students had no fear of the dance floor on Halloween.  Plaid was also popular fashion choice in 1956!


Post-Halloween Dance, 1962

after party 1962

This is what the venue would look like after a Halloween Dance.  The students were probably glad that they did not have to clean that up!


Unlabeled Photo Box, Tiffin University Archives

photo box envelopes

This is a box of unprocessed photographs from the university archives.  Aside from the names on each envelope, we do not know where they are from or when the photographs were taken.  This is why it is important to keep accurate records!

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