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University Archive

An overview of the contents of the Tiffin University archives.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is in the University Archive?

So... many... things! The current listing of materials located in the library's archive is more than 200 pages long. That is a lot of stuff! From what librarians have been able to identify, the collection goes back to the early 1920's and has almost everything you could imagine in an archive - photographs, artifacts, video materials, print student publications, books authored by or donated by Tiffin University faculty. The list is enormous and continues to grow as librarians curate common print materials, but those are dwindling as a lot of publications and press releases move to online access only in the 2000s. Don't despair - we give you links to those on this guide, too!

How can I access materials held in the archive?

Visitors are permitted in the archive by appointment only. Look for specific directions for scheduling your appointment, as well as hours of operation, on our Archive Policies page.

Can I check out items from the archive at the circulation desk?

Materials in the University Archive are not for use outside of the archive room. Access to and usage of the room is moderated by a librarian or, when a librarian has delegated the task, another member of the library staff.

Why are items in the archive treated differently from traditional library books?

Knowing our history and preserving its contents is an important facet of library work. The University Archive contains materials we could never replace. They are one-of-a-kind and attached to a history that will be lost forever if we lose that record. Memories fade. People pass on. With an institutional history that spans more than a century, these items are the only thing left to tell a large segment of our story.

Can I use archive materials in my coursework and research?

Yes, but you must schedule an appointment with the library, follow all policies related to the archive, and comply with copyright law as Tiffin University owns all rights to the materials contained in the archive. Photographs without the flash activated are permitted. Photocopying is not permitted.

I am off-campus.  Is there a way to access archive materials remotely?

We are slowly digitizing older print materials from the archive, and many of the university's new publications are automatically published online. You can visit some of the online resources where these digitized copies can be found by reading through our Collection page. For items not currently digitized, you may be able to find some archive-related publications in the TU catalog but these are records for discovery purposes only. The only way to access the information contained within each item currently is to visit the campus library.

Where can I find other materials related to Tiffin University?

Tiffin, Ohio includes two academic institutions with a connected history - Tiffin University and Heidelberg University were, many years ago, intertwined. Because of this, Heidelberg University's archives likely also contain information about Tiffin University's history. You may also want to consider contacting Heidelberg University archives for further information.

Digital content may also be available for some materials via the resources listed in our description of the archives on the first page of this guide.

Do you accept donations for the archive?

Pfeiffer Library is currently accepting donations.  The item(s) must be of historic or cultural value to the university and be in the proper condition for research and educational use.  If you are interested in donating materials to the archive, please fill out our donation form here.