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University Academic Support


Sometimes you need that extra help after hours. While the UAS can't provide a tutor at 2 a.m. we want to make sure you have access to the most useful resources to assist you, even when we can't. The Online Resource Center (ORC) along with the other pages on the University Academic Support site are here to offer extra support 24/7. 

In the ORC you will find resources that are divided into three main areas:

  • Online Writing and Resource Center (OWRC) designed to provide writing assistance and information on writing, editing and revisions papers at both the graduate and undergraduate level.
  • Online Math and Statistical Center (OMSC) dedicated to providing math and statistical support, providing a review of key math topics, statistical information and general computational support.
  • General Online Resources centered on non-writing/computational resources by department and course. These pages will direct you to topic guides, library resources, Tiffin developed materials, external sites, instructor and tutor recommended materials.