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University Academic Support

Academic Integrity Remediation, better known as AIR, is a support program developed by Pfeiffer Library and administered by the University Academic Support Office. It is designed to transform a violation of the academic honesty policy into learning opportunity that is fully documented. Once enrolled, students will have access to a Moodle course that will discuss a variety of topics, including:

  • Tiffin University's Academic Honesty Policy
  • APA Style (7th edition) 
  • Citation/Writing tools

Once completed, professors should give their students a second chance to apply their new knowledge to their previous assignment. It will give your student an opportunity and incentive to learn what, when and how to use citations in academia (and in life).

AIR Process

Participation in AID occurs in the following order:

  1. A student is caught plagiarizing an assignment, and the professor feels the student could benefit from the AIR program.
  2. The professor fills out the AIR Referral form.
  3. The University Academic Support Office verifies that the student has not previously been enrolled in the AIR course.
  4. If eligible, the student will be enrolled in a Moodle course.
  5. The student will complete all modules of the Moodle course and pass a quiz. If the student passes, a certificate of completion can be printed by the student. A copy of this certificate can be provided to the instructor as proof of completion if desired.

The student is provided two weeks to complete the material in module. Completion of the modules/material is independent of any actions or requirements required by the instructor. 

If at any point a student fails to complete his/her portion of the program, s/he forfeits this and future AIR forgiveness opportunities. However, at your discretion librarians are willing to meet with students to work through quizzes together to receive a passing grade on that portion.

Regardless of completion status, the student will continue to have access to the plagiarism material but will not be able to complete the exercises or activities as long as they remain enrolled at Tiffin.

Register Your Student in AIR

The link below will direct you to the form to begin the process for your student to participate in AID. After submitting, a librarian will contact you within a few days about the student's eligibility in the program. If the student is eligible, s/he will be enrolled in the Moodle course, and receive instructions about the next steps.