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University Academic Support


The University Academic Support Office (UAS) provides FREE academic assistance to all Tiffin University students regardless of location or program. Our tutoring program offers personalized support designed to meet your needs, whether you're looking to maintain an edge in a course, address basic questions or you need in-depth assistance. Tutoring is offered in multiple formats to best suit your needs.

  • Individual Tutoring: Need assistance with a specific Tiffin University Course? UAS offers one-to-one individual tutoring in a variety of subjects. Tutors are available for both online and in-person sessions.  To get started, place your request through the convenient online link located below.


Request A Tutor

  • Ohio E-Tutoring Collaborative (Online): Ohio E-Tutoring provides 24/7 undergraduate support through tutors from Universities and colleges across the state of Ohio. Tutors provide a variety of tutoring options for your use.
    • Writing Support: Submit a paper to Ohio E-Tutoring and receive feedback within 48 hours. Papers will be reviewed for structure, organization, basic mechanics, and related issues. Tutors will not edit the paper but will offer suggestions for improvement.
    • Live Tutoring: For a  variety of subjects other than writing, live tutoring is offered via a scheduled set of hours. Some of these subjects include Algebra, Calculus, Biology, Chemistry, and Accounting. Students should have a webcam and microphone capability in order to use the platform.
    • E-Questions: Don't need an in-depth appointment? Just ask a quick question. E-Questions are usually answered within 48 hours.

Ohio E-Tutoring Link


The goal of the University Academic Support (UAS) is to ensure that you get the most out of your tutoring experience. To help with this please review the following policies.


  • Tutoring is a service provided free of charge by the University to assist you in achieving your academic goals. Please show respect to the UAS staff, tutors and other personnel at all times.
  • Arrive on time and prepared with all materials, questions, and work. This helps to ensure that your questions are answered and that, as a tutee, you get the maximum benefit from a session.
  • Appointments are scheduled for one hour. This can be adjusted based on your needs.
  • Please be respectful and courteous of the tutors time. Our goal is to ensure that all students who need access have an opportunity to use the service. 

Missed/Cancelled Appointments

  • Students are expected to make all scheduled appointments. If an appointment no longer works, or you are unable to keep an appointment please contact the Center Desk at 419-448-3324 to reschedule.
  • If you fail to show for an appointment or cancel within 2 hours of the appointment, it will count as a no-show. After two no-shows your access to tutoring may be suspended for the term.

Academic Integrity

  • Students as well as tutors are expected to practice academic integrity at all times. As stated in the University ICARE Values, we are charged to behave ethically and responsibly.
  • Tutors will not answer questions or assist with quizzes, exams, or graded work unless an instructor has directly requested such help for a student. A tutor is limited to assisting with test preparation, study guide review, test-taking strategies, and tips leading up to an exam. 
  • Tutors can assist with homework assignments by working example problems, but will not work any problem that is assigned for a grade. It is the students responsibility to avoid an academic integrity violation and ensure that the tutor is aware of graded work/assignments.
  • Writing consultants/tutors assist with the review and improvement of writing. Do not ask a writing tutor to re-write or simply edit your paper. This is an academic integrity violation. The goal is to work collaboratively to improve your paper.