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University Academic Support

Study Table Login

To log study table hours, please scan the QR code below. 





Use your regular phone camera

Use the TU App

Non-Phone Access Non-UAS site. Please see Tiffin Arts



 To access the form you must be logged in with or login in to your Tiffin University email.


Study tables are not monitored by the University Academic Support Office/Murphy Center. For questions about hours please speak with your coach, director, or area representative who handles the tracking of study table hours.

  • The UAS will not track or calculate hours for students. These must be tracked by the student or the respective area.
  • Beyond provision of the QR code, the UAS does not track activity or monitor the work being completed. This is the responsibility of the individual area.

The UAS/Murphy is available for support in other areas:

  • Academic Assistance during study tables. If a student wishes to login in to study tables during an academic consulting or academic coaching appointment they may do so at the start of the appointment. This is the responsibility of the student.
  • Services we provide to support student study
    • Computer access and printing
    • Seating areas in the main Murphy Center and Pfeiffer library
    • Academic Consultants by appointment. To request assistance click here.
    • Academic Coaching for students needing assistance with academics skills, general support, and life coaching.
    • Makeup and accommodations based testing.



I tried to login in but is requiring me to sign into Google. Do I have to?

Yes. The form requires you to use your Tiffin University Gmail account. This may even require two-factor authentication. Be sure you know your email and login information.

I logged into the study table form but I don't know what time I will be done. How do I fill in time out?

The form is editable. When you login and submit the form, leave time out blank. Leave the window that you submitted open. When you are done, go back to the submission window and click on Edit the submission. You can put in your time and submit again.

Do I edit the form with a new time in and time out each time?

No. You should rescan the form for every new study table session. Each time you have a session you will fill out the form, then edit it once to put in your time out. The next time you login rescan the QR code and start a new form.

I submitted the form but I was told there is no record of my time. What happened?

There are one of two possibilities. First, if you left the form screen before selecting the submit button the form wouldn't submit. The second possibility is that you entered the wrong email. You must enter your Tiffin email and do so carefully.

Do I have to be in the Murphy Center of the Pfeiffer Library to use the QR Code?

No. You may be anywhere your coach or director allows. The policy for your study tables as to where, how many hours, and what you are required to do is set by your individual team or area.

Will you be able to tell me how many hours I have this week?

No. The UAS no longer tracks the hours. After the submission of the form, your responses, including your times, are sent directly to you. You may calculate your own time or speak with the person managing your time in your own area.

I think I may have deleted one the form responses I received. Can you send me another?

Unfortunately, no. Again, the UAS does not track the time or the responses. To verify this information you would need to see the person managing the information in your area.

I tried to scan the Tiffin Arts QR Code and it said their were no good results? What do I do?

If you receive this message it means you have used your regular phone camera to try to access the code. Because the sign in is setup through the TU Mobile app, you have to use the app to sign in and out of study tables.

I tried to scan the QR Code but I got an error message saying the it could not be verified. What do I do?




If you are using the TU Mobile app to scan the QR Code for athletics or club/rec sports you will receive an error message similar to the one on the left. You must use your regular phone camera.



Image of error using the TU Mobile App to scan Athletics code.