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Vocational & Career Collection

A tutorial on how to use one of our EBSCOhost databases: Vocational & Career Collection

Standard Layout

To conduct a basic search in the Vocational & Career Collection, you will use similar functions to those of other EBSCOhost databases, such as DragonQuest or Academic Search Complete.  The basic layout of the Vocational & Career Collection contains the following:

1. A standard green banner across the top of the screen which displays the following options:

  • New search
  • Subjects
  • Publications
  • Images
  • Sign In
  • Preferences
  • Language
  • Ask-a-Librarian
  • Help

2. A search box in the center of the screen, which defaults to a basic search.

3. Advanced search options can be activated by clicking the search options and advanced search links located near the search box.


"Vocational & Career Collection" Basic Search Page

v and b collection basic search page

Search Results Page

The search results list is uniform across all EBSCO platforms. It contains the following:

  • Refine Results (left panel) 

Limit items to only full text, peer reviewed, by year, by publication type, and numerous other options in this panel.

  • Search Results (center panel)

View the list of search results, sorted by relevance by default, with options to change the way those materials are sorted in your list. 

  • Additional Features (right panel, sometimes hidden)

Unfold the Additional Features panel to view related news and images which apply to your search.


"Vocational & Career Collection" Search Results Page

v and c coll search page

Refine Results

The Refine Results panel contains numerous ways to narrow down your search results. Among this list you'll find:

  • Limit to
    • Full Text - Items available instantly
    • References Available
    • Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) Journals - Items written by experts
    • Publication Date- Type in or use the slider bar
  • Source Type - Select specific types of materials.
  • Subject, Thesaurus Terms or general subject categories 
  • Publication - Titles of larger publications which contain items from your results list.
  • Publisher - Filters results by publishing company.
  • Company - Filters results that are associated with specific companies and corporations.
  • Language - Limit to a specific language.
  • Geography - Limit by geographic location (country, state, etc.).
  • NAICS/Industry - Limit by association to a specific industry or by the North American Industry Classification System.

*Librarian Tip: Use "Show more" to unfold additional options from the Refine Results menu.

Viewing Items

You can access resources by either the links below each item, or on the item's profile page.  Resources in an EBSCO database display in the following formats:

  • Full Text Finder

Items may be indexed in EBSCO, but not completely available through an EBSCO database. When that happens, a Full Text Finder link will lead you to other databases or publisher websites where the information may be available.

  • HTML Full Text

HTML documents are created as though they are being typed directly on the computer screen. Many HTML formatted resources also contain screen reader capability

  • PDF Full Text

PDF documents are scanned directly from the original publication. PDF resources often contain a Table of Contents for the journal or book.


You can also request an item through the Interlibrary Loan icon.  This allows the library to retrieve items from other institutions.  However, these are not always guaranteed and can take days to process.