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Thesis & Dissertation Services

Thesis & Dissertation publishing options provided by the university

I am struggling to finish my thesis or find sources. Can the library help?

Yes! The library has a number of ways it can help you. We can help you refine your search strategies, locate hard-to-find materials, manage all those citations, or assist with citation styles. The best way to get help is with our Research Consultation program available for face-to-face appointments or via video conferencing.

How do I change my page numbering?

Some departments require specific page numbering,  such as you to have several introductory pages and then have page 1 to start on what is really page 5 of your document. Rather than have 2 different documents, you can set your numbering to change. Detailed instruction on how to do this in Microsoft Word can be found below.

What is the ETD?

The ETD stands for Electronic Theses & Dissertation Center, which is an OhioLINK platform available to all free of charge. Participating OhioLINK institutions contribute undergraduate, master, and doctoral theses with abstracts and full-text.

What are the benefits of making my work freely available through ETD?

Scholarship depends on us making information available to one another. Think about how difficult it would have been to do the research you just completed if you had to pay to access each piece of information used. By making your work freely available electronically, you are making your contribution easier to access for those that come after you. You also make it easier for people to find, access, and cite your own work, which will build your prestige.

What is the difference between the university archive and the ETD?

The university archive houses the university's history. Part of this is a number of completed theses submitted to us in a bound format. These items can only be viewed by visiting Pfeiffer Library's university archive during operational hours. The ETD is a digital repository that is accessible any time of day from anywhere. The works Tiffin University submits here are our examples of excellence.

How can I submit my work to the library or the university archive?

To submit your work to the university archive to be apart of campus history and be available to on-campus researchers, you must complete an archival donation form and have a bound copy available to donate. At this time, the donation form is unavailable, but if you wish to submit please contact the library at to discuss the next steps.

How can I submit my work to the ETD?

Processes to submit to the ETD vary by department. You must contact your department chair to begin the steps. If your department chair is unsure or unfamiliar with the steps, please have them contact the library at

If I submit my work to the ETD, who can access it?

Works submitted to the ETD are freely available to all.

If I submit my work to the university archive, who can access it?

Materials submitted to the university archive are typically available to any researcher who visits the archive; however, there are exceptions to this rule. If you are concerned about the sensitivity of the material, this can be addressed on your donation form.

I have been asked to submit my work to the ETD. Now what?

Amazing news! Congratulations! A few things should happen from here:

  1. Your thesis adviser should talk to you about what it means and what embargoes are.
  2. Your thesis adviser and you will complete the ETD authorization form together.
  3. Your thesis adviser will then submit to the library the authorization form and the approved copy of your dissertation.
  4. In the meantime, you need to submit your work to the ETD. Instructions for submitting work through the ETD are below.

What is an embargo?

An embargo is a publishing term that can best be described in two words: “waiting period."  An embargo simply delays the publication of your work for a set period of time selected by you as the owner of the content. This means that, though the item may be listed in archival holdings, users cannot access the full text of your item for that set period of time. It gives you some time to publish the material elsewhere (contracts permitting) or for a previous contract of the material to pass.

What if I want to restrict access to my work?

That's when an embargo comes into play with electronic submissions or donations restrictions come into play when filling out your donation form. All that to say, it can be done, but usually with limits! You can always speak to a librarian if you need further clarification.

How will people access my work after I submit it to ETD?

There are a number of ways! Ultimately all will end up in OhioLINK's Electronic Thesis & Dissertation  Center. Once published, your work will have a permanent link that you can share with others or they can search for you themselves in ETD. ETD also allows web crawlers and indexers to access their information so people could find you through methods such as Google Scholar.

What if I realize I made a mistake in my submission?

It depends on the mistake. For things such as typos, Tiffin University does not allow for those to be corrected. Your submission remains as-is. For more serious issues, such as plagiarism, copyright infringement, or wrong submissions, please contact Tiffin University's ETD admin at