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O'Reilly Safari Learning Platform

Tutorial for using the eBook platform O'Reilly Safari


In 2018, O'Reilly Safari Learning Platform replaced Safari Technical Books at Tiffin University. With this transition, Tiffin University's access to content improved significantly with these changes:

  • No seat limits
    An unlimited number of users can be accessing content at one time.
  • Additional content
    The learning platform contains additional content to books, such as case studies, videos, learning paths, tutorials, and interactive books.

Any content links to Safari Technical Books will stop redirecting in Fall 2018. If you are still directed to Safari Technical Books, please report it to

Types of Content

On Safari Learning Platform, the following types of content can be found:

  • Learning Paths
    Curated lessons to learn new skills with self-assessments (in select paths).
  • Case Studies
    Video insights and takeaways from people working in the field.
  • Videos
    When using videos, please be cautious as not all videos include closed captioning.
  • Tutorials
    Learn to code with step-by-step instruction and with interactive learning.
  • Books
    Subjects cover a range of topics from technology, business, and humanities that even span pre-publication.

These materials can be found using DragonQuest; however, the material is not currently indexed in DragonQuest. Some content may not be found if only searching in DragonQuest.


Within Safari Learning Platform, there is the added ability to create personalized account. The creation of an account enables the following features for the user:

  • Access through the mobile app
  • Highlight texts
  • Note taking in texts
  • Viewing history
  • Recommendations

The creation of an account is otherwise not necessary to access materials.