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O'Reilly Safari Learning Platform

Tutorial for using the eBook platform O'Reilly Safari


Depending on the item and how you found the item (search or browse), you may first land on a page about the item including the table of contents. To access the content of the item, in this instance a book, you can use the right-hand button to "Start reading now."

"Continue Reading" button and a jump down to the table of content on the right hand side of bibliographic page.


Once inside the contents of the book, you can scroll to read each section of the book. To change the section of the material, you can use the top of the screen to jump to the next section, the previous section, or drop down the table of contents to see what else is available.

Changing chapters & sections in a book are at the top of the screen.

Video and tutorial content is a little different with your navigation control and table of contents on the right-hand side of the screen.


When viewing books, there are a number of view options available on the right-hand side of your text to meet your preferences. Your options include the following:

  • Search
    Search within the text.
  • Add to playlist
    This makes it easier to find and view later.
  • Change font size
    Your view options include contrast, font size, and screen width.
  • Share
    Share with others who may be interested in the material.