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Reference Services

A guide that describes Pfeiffer Library's reference services policy.

What are Reference Services?

Reference services are the services offered by a library that assist in getting patrons the information that they need. Pfeiffer Library's reference services help with the following:

  • Using the library and its resources
  • Identifying library materials that answer a question
  • Conducting research on a topic
  • Answering basic questions, such as hours of operation, services, etc.

How do I utilize reference services?

Our reference services are open to all Tiffin University students, faculty, and staff. You can utilize them by contacting us any of the following ways:

*Online chat messages differ from email messages if the online chat is live. If it is not live, chat messages are automatically forwarded to the library's inbox and have the same response time as email messages.

For more information on contacting the library, visit our Contact Us page.