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Predatory Publishing

Guide to the basics of predatory publishers and how to avoid them.

About This Guide

This guide covers the basics of predatory publishing, how to identify predatory resources, and how to ensure that you submit your work to academic journals that are not "predatory."


This guide includes the following:

Provides an overview on what predatory publishing is, and what role it plays in the world of academic publishing.  It also covers typical characteristics of predatory publishers.

This gives an idea of the typical procedures while submitting a work for publication.

This has a list of free and subscription resources to assist you in identifying legitimate and predatory journals.  It discusses predatory "red flags" and what to look for when considering different journals.

Lists potential consequences of publishing with a predatory journal.

Describes the differences between predatory and professional academic journals (whitelists and blacklists).

Lists ways you can avoid predatory journals.

Names some of the ways the academic community has deterred predatory publishers.

List of references that helped create this guide.

Provides extra resources for additional assistance.

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