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Nexis Uni

Tutorial for using the Nexis Uni database

Your Account

Similar to the EBSCO interface, Nexis Uni has a personalization feature. By creating an account in Nexis Uni, you have the ability to personalize the experience.

Some features that you are able to do with an account when signed in:

  • Annotating documents
  • Seeing when you last viewed a document
  • Creating and saving to folders
  • Sharing folders
  • Tagging favorite resources
  • Setting up alerts

It's important to note that an account creation is only necessary to fully utilize these features. The database is otherwise completely accessible without an account.

The video below provided by Nexis Uni goes over setting up your personalization features.

Topic Discovery

A new feature of Nexis Uni is the ability to view topic overviews. Select topics have a landing page to provide an overview of the accessible information. Examples of discovery topics include

  • Business
  • Criminal Justice
  • Political Science

and more to come!

These discovery pages are available on the home page of Nexis Uni or through the menu bar in the top left.