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Locating Library Materials Pre-1950

A guide on how to locate pre-1950 materials in our library.

Databases with Pre-1950 Materials

This page has a list of databases in our A-Z list that contain older materials.  They are individual databases not provided by EBSCOhost, so they have their own functions and interfaces.  It can get tricky navigating different databases with different functions, but many of them follow similar guidelines.  To search for older materials in these databases:

  1. Locate the database's search bar and click on the "advanced search" option.  This will take you to a page where you can input specific search criteria.
  2. Find the option in the advanced search tab where you can select or input a year.  The database may allow you to select a year or range of years, or you may be allowed to input them manually.  It is important to remember that you will have to type a year into both field if it asks for a range.


Criminal Justice & Homeland Security

General Interest

Directory of Open Access Books (DOAB): The purpose of DOAB is to increase access to Open Access books.  The directory is open to all publishers who publish academic, peer reviewed books in Open Access and should contain as many books as possible, as long as the publications are considered Open Access and meet academic standards.