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Locating Library Materials Pre-1950

A guide on how to locate pre-1950 materials in our library.

Locating Pre-1950 Books with the Pfeiffer Library Catalog

If you are interested in locating books published before 1950, a great place to start would be Pfeiffer Library's OPAL Catalog.  It searches Pfeiffer Library's physical and digital collections for books, so it is very a convenient tool in locating books only held by our library.  If you want to search for older materials through other institutions, use the OhioLINK Catalog or DragonQuest.

Pfeiffer Library Catalog Search Page

opal search page


To search for older materials in the Pfeiffer Library Catalog:

  1. On the OPAL Libraries search page, type in your subject terms into the "Advanced keyword search" boxes.  You will need to put at least one term into the box, or the search will not yield results (even if you search by year).
  2. After typing in your terms (do not hit "search" yet), click on "Limit your search (optional)."  This will open a menu with extra search bars.
  3. Under the dropdown menu labeled "Location," select "Tiffin."  This will limit your search results to items held at Pfeiffer Library.  You also have the option to select other institutions.
  4. Under the category "Year of Publication," input the range of years that you would like to search.  The earliest year will go into the "After" box, and the most recent year you want to search will go into the "Before" box.
  5. If you want to see the results chronologically, select "sorted by date" under the "Search and sort by" dropdown menu at the bottom of the page.
  6. Hit "search" to see your results.

If you find a book that you would like to check out from Pfeiffer Library, record the call number and find it on our shelves.  If you are unfamiliar with reading LC call numbers, you can view our guide on reading LC call numbers.