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Academic Writer Tutorial

Use Academic Writer to learn more about APA style and to help format your papers.

Write for Students

To use the Write tab in Academic Writer, you must be logged into an account. This is so what you write will be associated with you and allow your progress to automatically save as you work. You can then return to your work at any time once logged in again.

Once logged in, you can either create a new paper or revisit old papers. To create new paper, select the option and then follow the prompts. As a student, you probably just need a basic paper for a student assignment. Once you give your paper a name, start writing or add your references from the research tab!  There is even an annotated bibliography option where it will format your annotations to your bibliography.

The video below shows you how to start your paper.

One of the great features of Academic Writer is that it allows you to add references as you write in the current APA format. Watch the video below to learn more about it.

Throughout your writing in Academic Writer, there will be a number of tabs to help you organize your writing:

  • Research Lab
    The research labs will help you with your pre-writing such as thinking out your topic and planning your research.
  • Write
    Write is where you craft your paper. It will make sure the different parts of your paper are properly formatted. You can create your title page, add new sections to the body of your paper, and create your in-text citations based on your added references. You're also able to collaborate with others or preview your paper.
  • Check
    Check is not your spell check! Spell check is located under Write. Check will make sure that all the parts of your paper like references, tables, etc. are properly associated within the body of your paper.
  • Export
    All done? Download or email your paper from here.

Each of these tabs will have subsections, such as the individual research labs or references in write.

Write for Instructors

There are some writing labs that can help for scaffolded research/writing assignments. These labs can be exported once completed so they can be printed or submitted through our LMS.

Another feature in the Write tab is the ability to collaborate. Students can share their work with your or with each other to work collaboratively on research and writing assignments.