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Academic Writer Tutorial

Use Academic Writer to learn more about APA style and to help format your papers.

Learning for Students

There are 3 parts to the Learn tab. See more about each of these sections below.

  • Quick Guides
    These are 2-5 minute videos on a certain feature or rule in APA style.
  • Tutorials
    These are longer videos that provide guidance on writing in APA style, developing research skills, and writing.  Topics related to research include analyzing data, finding reliable resources, research designs, and rules of evidence in science.  Topics related to writing include copyright, APA style, plagiarism, and titling your work.


  • Samples
    See examples of papers, reference, tables, and figures.

You are able to browse these features by title or topic, or use the search box to see if there is anything relevant to your need (Example: Quotations). Remember, too, that with an Academic Writer account you are able to favorite any item you frequently visit to quickly find again.

Learn for Instructors

Embedding Tutorials

Academic Writer has many tutorials and examples that you may want to embed in courses for students.

If you wish to share this content with another or embed in a course, you can use the embed link found on the top right above the content.

Embed link button within APA Style Central

Within the embed code, you will need to edit to add our proxy prefix. The prefix is used if anyone may be accessing this content off-campus. At this time, Academic Writer settings do not allow us to add this into the code for you.

To edit this code, anywhere you see a link to you should add our prefix in front of the http://. Tiffin University's prefix is . In the end, your link should look something like this:

Moodle Integration

Within Moodle, an external tool option has been enabled. This creates a link for students to enter Academic Writer directly through Moodle. With this integration, they will only need to sign into their account once from your course through that link. After that initial log in, a single sign-on from Moodle to Academic Writer will be enabled where they can take full advantage of all the features in this guide. 

With the external tool option, we also have access to pre-made assessments for APA style to test student knowledge with grade book integration. These assessments can be paired with tutorials within the platform. The available assessments include the following:

  • APA Style Basics
  • Citing Your Sources
  • Ethics, Plagiarism, and Copyright
  • Formatting and Organizing
  • How to Report Scientific Research
  • Introduction to Research
  • Mechanics of Style
  • Reference List
  • Tables and Figures
  • Writing Style

These are the same as the self-quiz options available in the Learn tab of the platform. If you are interested in learning more or integrating these tests into your course, please contact Moodle Support at